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I recently had a conversation with a friend

still back in Texas. This friend spoke about being stuck where she was. I also read a recent post by 1924house talking about being settled and too comfortable where you are. Both of these things have inspired this post, and we hope it inspires you too.

The truth is, rarely are we ever stuck somewhere. Often, we let our circumstance dictate what we do or where we live. If you have that “dream job,” but it’s keeping you stuck in a place you aren’t particularly fond of, then why are you working there? You either work to live, or live to work.

» If you are that friend we spoke of and are reading this, know we love you. Also know you’re not the only one we are thinking of when writing this. We talk to people everyday who feel stuck. This is meant as an encouragement to everyone. »

Before Ryan and I moved here, we were pretty settled in Texas. We had been in Austin for 5 years, had a great local church, had a solid routine, and family was close. Ryan worked at Apple and I had my Young Living business. We definitely had some debt we were working on (and still do), but we were comfortable, for the most part. The usual path would have been to keep working, keep growing, keep paying off our debt, and then maybe venture out somewhere else or save up for a vacation. Maybe.

Ryan has always been one to break tradition.
He has always forged his own pathway.
He’s always been the one that has grandiose dreams and is willing to jump into the unknown.
He, himself, is not what my parents ever had in mind as the person I should marry.

Perhaps, he and I are the perfect pair. He’s floating in the sky and I’m holding his hand with my feet on the ground, following along wherever he goes. I am THANKFUL, because he has pushed me out of my comfort zone. He did it when we moved to Austin, and he did it when we moved to California. Now that we are here, I wouldn’t want to go back.

I love walking to the beach.
I love our little town.
I love watching our kids play in the sand + sea.
Every day around town still feels like a vacation.
Our new church family has been there for us more than any church we have been apart of.

I believe everyone has the ability to create the life they want, but sometimes it takes a dreamer to actually make it happen. Being a dreamer doesn’t mean you don’t have any fear, but it means you don’t let that fear keep you from living.

Often, people make “safe” choices, because they are easy and require little effort. Most people do wish for things, and that’s all they are – WISHERS, but they aren’t DREAMERS. (I wish I could do this, but…) Wishers have buts, but dreamers set goals and pursue after them wholeheartedly.
Most people, like myself, have plans but our fear of the unknown tells us we should stay exactly where we are until we __________. [Insert any excuse here]
Until we finish that degree.
Until we have that perfect job.
Until we have the correct income.
Until all of our debt is paid off.
Until our kids are out of school.

And pretty soon, we wake up one day and we’ve been waiting for something that never came – We are 80 years old, and haven’t done a damn thing on our wish list. Not saying it’s ever too late to experience your dreams, but why not chase them now.

In this world, you have to earn the life you want.
It means working to live.
It means sacrificing things.
It means to stop worrying about what people will think.
Get off your ass, turn off the TV, and do something to further your dreams.
Do something so that you have residual income. It blows my mind how many hours are spent binge watching Netflix, yet those same people in the same breath complain about how poor they are.

We aren’t rich, and we still have a lot of debt to pay off, but we are working hard to build our business through Young Living, and stay within walking distance to the beach. It’s our dream, and we love living it!

Don’t limit yourself. Create a life you don’t need a vacation from.