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Long before Kristin and I left Texas, I had actually thought about moving us to a few different places – Sweden, Colorado, California – really anywhere that wasn’t hot and humid. As hard as it is to accept, I knew that staying in Texas wasn’t in our future. I had realized this when I was very young, but my sweet wife had a more difficult time with the idea of leaving our family. Likewise, our family wasn’t too excited to let us go. Their expectation was for us to always be close and to see us whenever they wanted. To satisfy this, it would have cost us pursuing our dreams.

Of course, Kristin gave me the green light to put in for a transfer and three weeks later we moved. It was a quick decision, but sometimes you just have to jump. Some see choices in front of them and are so afraid to choose the “wrong” option, they often end up paralyzed with fear and unable to move forward. When opportunities arise, there is no wrong door to walk through – you must choose the one that most reflects what the deepest part of your soul desires. In exploring the unknown, you will gain something far greater than what you could have imagined. As you venture onward, it’s important to surround yourself with people who want to see you reach your dreams.

As with every endeavor, there will always be naysayers and those quick to discourage. The reasons can vary; they don’t want to see you grow, they can’t see beyond themselves, or they want what you have. They don’t always do it with the intention of crushing your dreams, but in their fear of being left behind, that’s exactly what they do. More often than not, it’s the people closest to us that can hinder us the most. In order to protect your dreams a certain amount of resilience and faith is required. This doesn’t mean not listening to wise counsel, but it means making sure that it’s actually wise counsel and not biased perceptions on the best path to take. Our purpose isn’t to make everyone else happy, it’s finding out who we were created to be.

Kristin realized that we were moving for a far greater purpose than our own, something bigger than ourselves. It was with this anticipation and forethought that led her to believe moving to California was the right decision. We miss our extended family very much. While they are very important, they cannot be our “everything.” If you want to have an “everything,” it needs to be fixed and unwavering, settled and steady. With a Solid Foundation you can sail into deep and unknown waters and withstand any storm that may come your way.

The storms will come. This doesn’t mean you’ve made a wrong decision; it means that you are in need of learning something new. The choices you’ve made were supposed to happen exactly that way, and where you are is the place you were always meant to be. Thinking otherwise is ill-advised and can be poison to your bones.