🌿 The Premium Starter Kit

is the  B E S T  way to get started with Young Living Essential Oils. It includes 11 oils, a diffuser of your choice, and some other goodies. Receiving this in the mail is just as exciting as going to Diagon Alley and getting all your materials for potions class. ✨ Shown above is the beautiful Aria diffuser. The Aria retails at $304.93 by itself, but you can get it with a Premium Starter Kit for $260. What comes in the rest of the kit?

Here’s the breakdown:

💧 Aria Diffuser ($304.93) – The elegant ultrasonic mist gives any space a spa-like atmosphere. Set the mood by selecting from a range of LED light colors. Natural materials such as a durable American maple base and glass dome direct the essential oil vapor. The matching wood remote control allows you to turn on the Aria from almost anywhere. It also looks damn good in your living room!

🙌🏼 Frankincense ($40.13) – If you don’t have Frankincense, then what the FRANK are you doing with your life? Add Frankincense to your moisturizer to highlight your natural beauty and promote the appearance of healthy-looking skin and even skin tones. Invite elevated spiritual experiences every day by diffusing this oil in your home. Albus Dumbledore himself diffused this in his own office. Incorporate Frankincense into your yoga ritual by diffusing it during your routine to promote feelings of relaxation and tranquility. Add a few drops to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex (or a carrier oil of your choice), and use it in a massage after activity.

☁️ Raven ($21.71) – Raven essential oil blend is a cool, refreshing combination of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, and Wintergreen essential oils. A chilly, minty blend with sweet undertones, Raven creates a cooling sensation and provides a comforting aroma when applied topically to the chest and throat. Like an effervescent breeze through a grove of eucalyptus trees, Raven provides a refreshing aromatic experience when diffused or inhaled directly. Can be used as part of your exercise routine to promote the sensation of deeper breathing.

🍊Citrus Fresh ($9.87) – a combination of Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Tangerine, Mandarin, and Spearmint. This product is a perfect replacement for chemical-based home fresheners. Simply add a couple drops to your household diffuser and enjoy the uplifting and refreshing scent. You can also combine it with lotions and moisturizers to add a boost to your nightly skin care routine to support the appearance of healthy-looking skin. This also comes in a Vitality oil and can be a delicious addition to your ice cold water, beer, and other beverages.

🌴 Stress Away ($13.33) – If you aren’t human and don’t experience stress, then this oil isn’t for you. Formulated with Lime, Lavender, Cedarwood, and other pure essential oils for a well-rounded and relaxing aroma. Promotes relaxation and a calming environment. Can be diffused, applied topically, and used as a personal fragrance. Has an inviting aroma that helps calm the mind. We keep this on-hand all the time, especially for when our kids act like asses out in public.

💥 PanAway ($47.70) – Combining Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint essential oils, PanAway offers a refreshing, stimulating aroma. Cools the skin after physical activity. Provides a cooling sensation when applied to shoulders, neck, and scalp. Ask your spouse to give you a massage with PanAway!

🌿 Lavender ($15.79) – Living near the beach and because this oil is the “Swiss Army Knife” of oils, this is a staple in our household. Promotes feelings of calm and fights occasional nervous tension. Cleanses and soothes minor skin irritations. Supports aging skin and reduces the appearance of blemishes. Has balancing properties that calm the mind and body. Can be soothing to the skin after a day in the sun.

🍭 DiGize Vitality ($18.42) – Ryan has taken DiGize in a capsule EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for the last 4 years and it has helped him find relief for esophageal discomfort after meals. DiGize Vitality blends Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli essential oils. Take before mealtime to support your digestive system. The versatility of DiGize Vitality means that you can take it in a gel capsule, mix it with water and Peppermint Vitality for a rejuvenating infused drink. Diluted properly, we rub it on our children’s upset tummies to make them feel more comfortable, and to promote an efficient digestive function.

🤧 Thieves Vitality ($19.41) – Thieves Vitality essential oil blend combines Lemon, Clove, Eucalyptus Radiata, Cinnamon Bark, and Rosemary essential oils. These ingredients work together synergistically to offer one of the key benefits of Thieves Vitality: overall wellness and support for a healthy immune system. Use this blend as an addition to your daily wellness regimen. Our favorite hot tea is 1 drop Thieves Vitality, 2 drops Lemon Vitality, 2 tsp honey, and hot, not boiling, water. Promotes wellness and is super freaking delicious paired with an oatmeal cookie.

🍋 Lemon Vitality ($8.22) – Use Lemon Vitality to add flavor to savory foods like fish and chicken or sweet foods like pastries and cakes. Lemon Vitality has a bright taste you’ll want to keep on hand for almost anything you whip up. Instead of zesting or juicing, use Lemon Vitality for a convenient way to add a punch of flavor. Lemon Vitality also has many health benefits when taken internally, including immune support and antioxidant properties. Kristin makes delicious Lemon Vitality cookies and usually they are gone within 48 hours. In some cases, they don’t last the day.

🏄🏻‍♂️ Copaiba Vitality ($28.95) – Steam distilled from the gum resin of the Brazilian copaiba tree, Copaiba Vitality™ essential oil has a robust, earthy flavor with notes of honey. When taken internally, it can promote overall wellness and may be an important part of a daily health regimen. Add a few drops of Copaiba Vitality to a cup of herbal tea to enjoy its wellness benefits and a relaxing moment. Our favorite use is for soothing baby gums. It’s very gentle, but very powerful, and I’m glad I don’t remember growing teeth.

❄️ Peppermint Vitality ($13.49) – Our favorite use of this oil is adding a drop to delicious and magical hot cocoa, complete with dinosaur marshmallows + crushed peppermint discs. It’s less sugary and tastes amazing! Supports gastrointestinal system comfort. Enhances healthy gut function. Maintains efficiency of the digestive tract. May support performance during exercise. Reduces feelings of discomfort after large meals. Provides a refreshing, minty flavor to food and beverages. This is like Olaf, in a bottle. I like warm hugs!

Total Retail Value: $541.95 🤯
Premium Starter kit includes all of the above, a Thieves cleaner sample. Ningxia Red samples, sample drams (because you’ll want to share), and a membership for $260! What’s a membership? It means you get 24% off of any future orders for life. To keep your membership active you need to place a 50 PV (around $50.00) order once every year.

Another awesome diffuser choice when ordering your PSK is the Desert Mist Diffuser. It’s very cozy with it’s candlelight flicker option and has the longest diffusing time – up to 10 hours! It’s perfect for diffusing a sleepy combo to help you and any restless kids (or animals) sleep through the night. It’s like a candle, but so much healthier for you. The Desert Mist Premium Starter Kit includes all 11 oils mentioned above, your Desert Mist Diffuser, extra samples, and is $160.

To order your own Premium Starter Kit, go here.